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In the modern age of movie-going, there are more distractions than ever when it comes to enjoying a night in front of the silver screen. Spearheading the efforts to be polite, but firm, with ever aggressive audiences is the Alamo Drafthouse, and for their latest spot they've chosen a man that embodies both of those qualities and then some. Prepare to be inspired below:

You can thank the fine folks at the Drafthouse for bringing back Kyle Chandler's dedicated Coach Eric Taylor for this extremely important message. Though with Friday Night Lights being off the air for four years, that's probably part of the reason the extremely rude audience weren't paying attention to Coach's emotional brilliance. The other part being, of course, that their cell phones and other electronic devices were making it too damned noisy to hear the speech that probably contained some sort of important lesson of the week. Hey, if you guys like getting suspended or marrying the wrong person, that's on you – but don't say that Coach didn't warn you.

While Kyle Chandler's incarnation of the character was cinematically originated by Billy Bob Thornton, it's the Chandler variant that everyone is more familiar with thanks to NBC's culturally impacting hit. So obviously, when Coach makes his turn from inspirational leader to gruff enforcer, it lands like a wallop to both die hard fans and newcomers. This is just another in a long line of Alamo Drafthouse's legendary "Don't Talk" spots that they put in front of their theatrical exhibitions. Much like theirs PSAs, the Alamo Drafthouse has been equally prolific with their zero tolerance policy when it comes to disrupting the audience's film viewing experience, making them the scourge of bad audience members and the heroes of proper, film enjoying folk.

Now, one of the most legendary of these spots has to be the one where comedian and fellow cinephile Patton Oswalt re-enacts the rantings of a particularly perturbed patron who was kicked out for using their cell phone during a film. But when perusing through the library of cinematic warnings issued by celebrities on behalf of Tim League's much praised movie palace, we couldn't help but share this awesome warning from Mark Hamill – who uses a very specific threat when dealing with errant moviegoers.

So remember, if Coach Taylor's threat to punt you out of the theater isn't enough, just picture a secret service of clowns with lightsabers arming up to take you down. Don't ruin your weekend's movie experience for yourself and/or others. Please silence your phone, and excuse yourself from the auditorium if you're tempted to check your messages or refresh the front page of Cinema Blend.

Clear eyes, full hearts, don't talk!

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