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Since 30 Rock wrapped earlier this year, Alec Baldwin has told the press he’d only be looking to take roles that would allow him to stay close to his pregnant wife and incoming baby. Well, it appears shooting Cameron Crowe’s new movie will jive with being a dedicated dad, as Deadline reports he has entered into negotiations to join the cast that currently includes Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Danny McBride.

Unfortunately for us, Crowe is being insanely tight-lipped about his next venture, but we have managed to glean some details of his follow-up to the 2011 schmaltz-fest that was We Bought a Zoo. The untitled Crowe project is said to be a love story similar in tone to his two most popular pictures, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. And as he did for that celebrated pair, he will write and direct on this unnamed feature. Scott Rudin will produce.

Emma Stone was first to sign on, playing the film’s female lead. Soon after Bradley Cooper was cast as her leading man. Next Rachel McAdams was committed to play Cooper’s ex-girlfriend. Surprisingly, when comedian Danny McBride joined the cast, this untitled romance started to be called a drama. More intriguing, it’s said to be a revision of a Ben Stiller/Reese Witherspoon vehicle once called Deep Tiki that Crowe had been planning back in 2008.

This report posited that Cooper would play a defense contractor working in Hawaii, while Stone would play an Air Force pilot who serves as his liaison. Working together on a shady mission, the two begin to wonder if they should go against their directives and engage in sabotage. Also reportedly in play is a sentient talking computer, strange island magic, and a camera-carrying boy obsessed with Hawaiian lore. But you know, like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous.

At this point, we don’t know what parts McBride or Baldwin will play in Crowe’s nameless new project. As it’s expected to shoot this spring, we could well hear more as casting continues. Maybe then these pieces will start to fit together more sensibly.

In the meantime, look for Baldwin in Woody Allen’s fantastically funny Blue Jasmine, which is now in theaters. McBride, who recently delighted audiences in the demented comedy This is The End, will take to TV on August 10th in Greg Mottola’s TV movie Clear History. Then in November, Rachel McAdams will star in the time-travel romance from Richard Curtis About Time. Cooper, on fire from the success of Silver Linings Playbook, has two movies expected to open before years end. Opening on Christmas Day, the historical drama American Hustle reunites him with Playbook director David O. Russell and tells the shocking story of Abscam. The other is a Depression-era set drama from lauded Danish director Susanne Bier called Serena, which has not yet secured a US release date but will open overseas this fall. As for Emma Stone, you’ll see her next year in a little movie called The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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