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Alex Pettyfer And Matthew Goode Will Steal Cars In Overdrive

Whether or not Alex Pettyfer turns into the next big name in Hollywood as so many have predicted or fans out like so many overhyped stars before him is still a matter of contentious debate, but the lukewarm success of I Am Number Four and Beastly doesn’t seem to have hurt the twenty-one year old’s ability to drum up roles. He’s just agreed to star in Overdrive, the first producing effort from Taken director Pierre Morel.

Written by Wanted scribes Michael Brandt and Derek Hass, Overdrive follows two brothers who take their grand theft auto expertise to France. Their exploits quickly run afoul and enrage an organized crime figure who does everything he can to run them out. The aforementioned Alex Pettyfer will play one of the brothers and Matthew Goode of Watchmen fame will play the other.

The script has been described as a meshing of thriller and comedy, with producers even admitting it contains elements of The Hangover. Bradley Cooper did steal a cop car in that one, but I expect Overdrive to have one hundred percent less Mike Tyson.

According to Variety, director Antonio Negret will shoot the film in France shortly with an expected international release next summer. It sounds promising, but until I see some footage, I’ll reserve judgment.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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