Since breaking through with his role as the immortal bad boy Eric Northman in HBO's steamy, vampire-centered soap opera True Blood, the devastatingly handsome Alexander Skarsgard has been winning roles in some major movies. Just last year he played a menacing Southerner in Rod Lurie's disturbing Straw Dogs remake, and an incredibly patient bridegroom in Lars von Trier's elegiac masterpiece Melancholia. As for 2012, Skarsgard has already completed production on four new films, including Peter Berg's big budget action-thriller Battleship, which will hit theaters on May 18th. Basically, Hollywood can't get enough of the young Skarsgard, and now THR has gotten word on the alluring performer's next potential conquest.

Stepping up from supporting player status, Skarsgard has entered talks to star in the Warner Bros.' feature Hidden. Written and directed by twins Matt and Ross Duffer, the film would place the Swedish stunner at the core of his own horror-thriller, which focuses on a family confined to a bomb shelter after fleeing from a mysterious outbreak. The basic plotline sounds a little like last year's psychological thriller Take Shelter. That Michael Shannon-fronted effort got a fair amount of attention, so even though Warner Bros. hopes for Hidden to be an "elevated" take on the horror-thriller genre, it's likely they'll take a different approach to the shared premise.

Aside for presenting a chance for Skarsgard to shine as a leading man, Hidden will mark the feature debut of the Duffer brothers, who had previously co-created a series of shorts. Among these was Eater, a gritty bit of horror that pits a rookie cop on the night shift against a cannibal convict. Check it out below (NSFW):

Hidden is slated to go into production later this year.

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