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Alien Shooting Script Features Ridley Scott's Notes And Drawings

For as long as there has been art there have been people who analyze artists' works and try and get inside their minds. They look back and various pieces of literature, film, and music and discover themes, uncover allegory, and divine origin of inspiration. Much of the research is theory until either confirmed or explained by the creators, which isn't always an option - which is why we should treasure little pieces like this.

Late last month we posted about Harrison Ford's original script pages and notes from Raiders of The Lost Ark and now Cinephilia & Beyond has come back with another bit of cinematic history. Their latest find is Ridley Scott's personal shooting script from the making of Alien back in 1979. Not only are the pages filled with little annotations and dialogue changes, the screenplay also has some hand-drawn storyboards by the director as he plans his shots for the individual scenes. Check out a few of the images below and head over to the source to see it in its highest resolution and enjoy all of the little details.

As cool as these pages are, the only thing I wish is that there were some from later in the script when the xenomorph is attacking. For starters I just want to see what Scott's drawing of a xenomorph would look like, but more importantly I'd be curious to see his notes about what the eggs should look like when they open, the chest-bursting scene and the facehugger attack. Hopefully those are floating out somewhere just waiting to be captured!

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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