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Alyssa Milano Boards New Year's Eve

It’s been a long time since Garry Marshall made something truly brilliant, but the aging director does typically turn out watchable products. The Princess Diaries, Raising Helen, Runaway Bride, these are all examples of slightly better than average fare that find permanent homes on basic cable. Lately though, Marshall has turned his attention toward gigantic a-list casted romantic comedies. You may not have fond memories of last year’s Valentine’s Day, but his upcoming New Year’s Eve is showing a bit more charm.

According to Variety, former Charmed star Alyssa Milano has boarded the project, joining DeNiro, Kutcher, Bon Jovi, Parker, Breslin and a slew of others. Her character, a nurse and caretaker, will spend the film fretting over not having anyone to spend the holiday with. Two guesses at how that ends up. #1) She realizes being with the patient was exactly how she wanted to spend New Year’s Eve. #2) She happens to run into some dude she’s always had a crush, and he surprises her by showing up at the old person’s apartment.

Production on the romantic comedy starts this week. Get excited. It’s probably going to be above average.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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