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Amazing Pacific Rim Props And Costumes Are Up For Auction Right Now

There is plenty of merchandise from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim currently on the market for fans of the movie to enjoy. There are, of course, all the standard action figures designed to look like all of the kaiju and jaegers in the movie, but there also puzzles, shirts, backpacks, iPhone covers and more just waiting to be picked up by all of the die-hards. For the collectors who pick up this kind of stuff, however, the real holy grail material is the stuff that's actually featured in the movie. And guess what? Now you can buy that stuff too.

An absolutely massive Pacific Rim themed auction has begun over on the website Prop Store, with more than 150 items currently up for bid. The various items that are available for sale include everything from costumes worn by characters in the movie, to fake medical scanners and jaeger tools. Some of my personal favorites include the gigantic Light-Up Jaeger Claw Bolt Turner (which is 32" long and currently up for $390):

Pacific Rim Prop

The desk used by Ron Perlman's Hannibal Chau (a perfect addition to any office and currently a steal at $110)

Pacific Rim Prop

And this absolutely disgusting/awesome Mechanical Kaiju Skinmite (which has moving legs and is going for an understandable $2,050 right now)

Pacific Rim Prop

Looking through all of the items, I'm noticing that a bunch of the material is actually reasonably priced - though that could change easily. Some items are disappearing in the next 15 hours, but others are still going to be available to bid on for nearly another week. That said, if you are really interested in this stuff, you might want to camp out because there is a possibility of some fantastic deals to be found. Sort through the catalog of props, maybe bookmark one or two of the really cool items, and wait and see! Hit the comments to tell us what you're looking at!

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