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We've been hearing chatter for a while about a new project that would get any movie lovers salivating-- Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman are planning to team up on their first feature together since Adaptation, and it's apparently about a meeting of world leaders to discuss "cataclysmic events." Last fall we heard the rumor that Carey Mulligan might be joining the film opposite Joaquin Phoenix, and now the story has gotten even more complicated and intriguing.

According to Deadline, Samantha Morton and Amy Adams are also in discussions for roles, though given how secretive Jonze, Kaufman and even financier Annapurna Pictures are, no one can really get confirmation on anything. It makes perfect sense that all three actresses would be interested, and also that Jonze and Kaufman would want them on board-- Morton was part of the enormous, twisty cast of Kaufman's directorial debut Synecdoche, New York, while Adams and Mulligan are just on top of their game and only seem to be getting better.

None of them are hurting for good directors to work with these days either-- Mulligan has also been cast in the Coen Brothers next film Inside Llewyn Davis and will play Daisy Buchanan this year in The Great Gatsby, Adams is working with Paul Thomas Anderson on The Master and Clint Eastwood for Trouble with the Curve, and Morton is in David Cronenberg's new film Cosmopolis. It's impressive to think that all three talented actresses will have meaty roles to play in a single film, but Kaufman and Jonze seem capable of pretty much anything, so we have to assume it will work no matter what.

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