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I beginning to think that Adam Scott has some serious influence over the casting of the upcoming comedy A.C.O.D. While not all of the actors attached to the film have worked with Scott previously, Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) and Jane Lynch (Party Down) have both shared the screen with the actor before and now yet another has been added to list.

Amy Poehler, who appears with Scott weekly on NBC's Parks and Recreation, has taken a role in A.C.O.D., according to Deadline. Directed and co-written by Stu Zicherman, the title stands for "Adult Children of Divorce" and is about a young man (Scott) who learns that he was part of a psychological study concerning children of divorce when he was a kid. When a washed-up therapist (Lynch) seeking a second shot at fame tries to bring him back for a follow-up study, all hell breaks loose. Poehler will be playing the new wife of Richard Jenkins' character (he plays Scott's father), who has a rough relationship with Scott's mother (played by Catherine O'Hara). The film is also set to star Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jessica Alba. Both Scott and Poehler recently wrapped up production on the fourth season of Parks and Rec and filming for this project is set to get started next week.

This is going to be a weird one for fans of NBC's Thursday night lineup. On the show Scott and Poehler play a very-much-in-love couple, so seeing them in a fractured son/step-mother relationship is going to be utterly bizarre. Considering how strange the movie's premise is anyway, it could very well add to the atmosphere.

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