I want to like Anna Faris. I really do. But she keeps making these godawful movies. She’s still stuck in the Scary Movie franchise for instance. She’s back for the fifth movie. Fortunately, she’s also signed up to do something else. Something with some potential. By potential I mean a cool title.

The Hollywood Reporter says Faris has signed up to star in a sci-fi farce called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. The title’s awesome, and the plot has a weird sort of Ricky Gervais vibe to it. Not that he has anything to do with it, it just sounds like something he’d come up with. Perhaps it’s the British effect. Most of the cast is from the UK, it’s written by a Brit, and the director is not of this America.

The film is the story of three social outcasts, two geeks and a cynic, who get stuck trying to navigate the intricacies of time travel in the middle of a British pub. They don’t handle it with ease. Anna isn’t one of the outcasts, rather she’s a future girl who sets the whole mess off. British comedic actors Chris O’Dowd, Marc Wootan, and Dean Lennox Kelly fill out the cast as Questions About Time Travel’s three pub-crawling outcasts.

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