Anna Faris Went Nearly Nude For Super Bowl Ad, Talked ‘Jelly-Like’ Things She Wore For Coverage

An actress who has kept TV and film audiences laughing since her breakout role in the Scary Movie franchise, Anna Faris is set to deliver what is potentially her sexiest role yet: the Garden of Eden resident Eve. The Mom vet took on the part for a high-profile Super Bowl ad sponsored by Avocados from Mexico, and as one might expect, it required her to be next to nude for filming purposes. Despite any prior apprehensions about disrobing for the top-dollar ad, Faris gained a newfound comfort in going all natural during the filming process. 

For the ad, which will air at a currently unknown point during Super Bowl LVII, Anna Faris is living it up in the Biblical garden in her birthday suit, with some carefully placed hair, leaves, and more keeping things as safe-for-work as can be. Speaking with People, the Chipmunks franchise vet talked about coming to terms with such a limited wardrobe for the avocado commercial, saying: 

When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and these jelly-like bra things, I guess they're just nipple covers, I thought to myself, all right, this is what my beautiful day is going to look like. I felt really proud that I'm kind of at this place in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling modest and insecure, or I just embrace it.

By all means, that probably would have been a truly miserable experience for Anna Faris if donning a jelly-esque bra and mini-thong has been a true thorn in her paw and affected her acting skills. (Also, someone missed the mark by not finding a way to fill the bra with mashed avocado. Or wait, maybe I'm the one...) Thankfully, though, she was not only able to find peace with her state of in-the-buff-ness, but also found a certain form of comfort in it. Albeit in part due to the fake hair she had on. 

To that end, Faris joked that if she had access to the faux follicles on a regular basis, she might be more interested in disrobing on a regular basis. In her words:

They created the most beautiful set, and we were all in it together. It felt liberating — for the first time in my life I was like, 'maybe I could be a part of a nudist colony if I take all the hair with me.'

It definitely helped Faris' comfort level to be around others on the set who were on the same fashion page as her, in that they were also "minimally dressed," as the actress put it. Plus, she was pumped to be crafting an ad for a product that she fully endorses and enjoys.

Not that getting mostly naked for TV was the only bit of naughtiness involved. Anna Faris also shared that she had to lie to her parents about what she was doing in order to maintain full secrecy ahead of filming. So in order to get them to babysit her kiddo with Chris Pratt, Faris led them to believe she was scripting a horror movie, and was handling a location shoot in Mexico City. For what it's worth, the avocado ad will likely be seen by way more people than most horror movies released in any given year. 

Speaking of, for those who want to check out a sneak peek of the ad, assuming you aren’t rage-filled about Super Bowl commercial teases, take a look below!

I'm pretty sure Mom's Christy would approve, considering the character's past involving showing off her body. Pretty sure Christy would also be all about getting a Super Bowl commercial paycheck, too. And probably some free avocados. 

Now that the NFL playoffs are said and done, fans can look forward to the biggest sporting event, as well as the biggest TV event, of 2023, as Super Bowl LVII is set to air on Fox on Sunday, February 12, at 6:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in to see all the best new ads, including Anna Faris’ first woman, and head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the coming months.

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