Anna Faris Just Confirmed Those Secret Wedding Rumors, Blurting It Out In The Best Way

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In an acting career that spans more than two decades, Anna Faris has perfected the art of slapstick, wide-eyed, and dark humor. Her various characters – from Scary Movie to The House Bunny to her more recent turn on the CBS sitcom Mom – all share a knack for saying the worst things at the worst times. It appears that life is imitating art, too, because the actress just blurted out a confirmation of those secret wedding rumors in the best way possible.

Anna Faris had been dating cinematographer Michael Barrett (who has worked on everything from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to Zookeeper to Night Hunter) since 2019. In February of 2020, she confirmed that they were engaged. But over a year and a half later, with no further details, rumors were churning that they must have gotten married in secret. Now, thanks in large part to Faris herself realizing mid-sentence on her Unqualified podcast that the cat wasn't quite out of the bag yet – well, it's out now. She confirmed to Top Chef judge Gail Simmons that Barrett is indeed her husband, saying:

Yes, we eloped... I’m sorry. I didn’t know! I’m sorry, honey. I just blurted that out, but it just feels I can’t say fiancé anymore. Thank you, it was awesome. Yeah it was great. It was at a local courthouse up in Washington State. It was great.

Her secret marriage to Michael Barrett marks the second big change in recent times for Anna Faris. In 2020, she shockingly announced that she was leaving her Emmy-winning sitcom Mom after seven seasons in one of the lead roles. The decision was thought to be a disaster for her co-workers on the show, as the premise was based around Faris and her fictional mom’s up and down relationship. They made do in final season by explaining the absence of Faris’s character Christy was due to the fact that she was away at law school.

The announcement of Anna Faris’ recent elopement also brings to mind her history with ex-husband Chris Pratt, who she had also eloped with back in 2009. They would later divorce in 2018, but the actress still has a penchant to be just as blunt and honest about their relationship. A few months ago, she even shared that her previous marriages to actors (Ben Indra and then Pratt) led to a level of “competitiveness” in their similar work. She has also stated that she and Pratt wanted to protect the “imagery” of themselves in the aftermath of their divorce.

After their divorce, Chris Pratt got married again only a year later to Katherine Schwarzenegger. The new couple just recently had their first baby girl late last year. But Pratt and Faris still share 8-year-old son Jack together, who apparently was busy helping Pratt fight aliens on the set of The Tomorrow War.

As can be seen, there are a lot of moving parts and people when it comes to notorious Hollywood couples. But nothing beats revealing an A-list celebrity secret quite like Anna Faris does.

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