Anna Faris Hunts Down Ex-Boyfriends In The Trailer For What's Your Number

Weddings are always popular movie fodder, but with Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed and Jumping The Broom all opening in the next ten days, the subject matter is starting to feel a little cluttered. Naturally, into this mess, 20th Century Fox has released its newest matrimonial film. Entitled What's Your Number, it follows Anna Faris' character as she comes emotionally unglued after reading an article saying women who have twenty or more sexual partners have a harder time getting married.

I suspect that's probably true, but only in the same way as a study that indicates guys living at home have a harder time getting married. It's not so much the actions themselves as the behavior that leads someone to get there. But without the article, there would be no movie, and without the movie, none of us would get to see SNL'sAndy Samberg playing with puppets. He, along with Thomas Lennon and Zachary Quinto, are just some of the interesting men Faris has dated, men whom she hunts down throughout What's Your Number in an attempt to prevent herself from going over the number twenty. Take a look at the trailer below…

Based on this subject matter, that trailer should probably be a lot worse. In fact, Anna Faris and Chris Evans actually seem to have a nice chemistry between them. Notice how she's a bit whimsical and scatter-brained but still a real person. Three years ago, Anna Faris never would have played this character. It's nice to see her continued development reflected in yet another film.

What's Your Number is slated to open September 30th. Much talk has been made about Anna Faris being one of the only female comedians able to open a film by herself. Only time will tell if she can prove it again.

Mack Rawden
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