Anna Paquin's Rogue Will Appear In X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Other Cameos Planned

Yo, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, quit playing games with our hearts. You said Rogue wasn't in your movie. But why did you give her a magazine cover, yo? And why does she keep popping up in trailers? What's the story with Rogue? Is Rogue in your movie? Don't fool around now. We need our Rogue.

According to those wacky cats at BuzzFeed, Rogue is back in. When the site spotted her in the credits for the new film in yesterday's trailer, they poked around at Fox and confirmed Anna Paquin's return. Rogue fans will have to be satisfied that her role is "essentially, a cameo." So that probably means she doesn't do all the flying and super-strength stuff from the comics. Bummer, comic fans. There's a real shortage of comic characters on film who fly and have super strength.

A little more details are shined through via Vulture. Clicking through will put you in spoiler territory, so we'll tread lightly. But essentially, there were two ways to bring Rogue into the movie. One was a roundabout way, and the other was a more truncated one. Fox execs thought the roundabout approach would take the film to two and a half hours, which is why they nixed it. Because comic fans would never sit through a two-and-a-half-hour movie. Like the two hour and twenty-two minute long Avengers. Or the two hours and twenty three minute Man Of Steel. Or the two hours and forty five minute The Dark Knight Rises. No, fans would never go for that.

However, Vulture did hint at a major non-spoilery detail.

Still, while Paquin has been reduced to a mere cameo, she's not the only returnee from the original trilogy who will make a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in Days of Future Past: In addition to top-billed stars like Stewart, McKellen, and Halle Berry, Vulture has learned that three more mutants filmed secret cameos in the film. To even hint at their identities, though, would reveal a major spoiler.

Oh ho ho! Fox, you cads, who are you hiding from us? Three mutants from the original trilogy, eh?

Is it... Beast?


We know from the new trailer and that leaked timeline that he doesn't make it. Could we get Kelsey Grammer's throaty scream of agony?

Is It... Pyro?


Is the villainous John Allerdyce still amongst the mutants, leading the Brotherhood?

Is It... Deathstrike?


When she tangoed with Wolverine in X2, she left a lot of unanswered questions. Like, who is her manicurist?

Is it... Angel?


Oh, beautiful Ben Foster, are you flying through the stormy future skies on your feathery wings of magic, looking like Gregg Araki's most poetic wet dreams?

Let's face it, though... one of them's GOT to be Kid Omega.


So many depths to plumb right there.