Anton Yelchin Set To See Dead People In Stephen Sommers' Odd Thomas

It must be a weird time for the young cast of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Though the first movie was a hit, the sequel has been in limbo for nearly two years now and last we've heard the script hasn't even been finished. While they wait to reprise their roles, the stars have been keeping themselves busy with other projects, be it Chris Pine doing the McG action-comedy This Means War or John Cho doing A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. Now Anton Yelchin has found another project to fill the time until he gets to play Pavel Chekov again.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Yelchin has signed on to star in Odd Thomas, an adaptation of the book by Dean Koontz. In the story, he would play the title character, a young man who, thanks to his dysfunctional upbringing, can talk to dead people. The film is set to be directed by Stephen Sommers, though no start date has yet been announced.

Though the name "Stephen Sommers" has never inspired too much confidence, the biggest threat to this project will be the comparisons it gets to The Sixth Sense. Provided that it makes a point of avoiding those comparisons, it could be a great opportunity for Yelchin, who is one of the better young actors working today.

Eric Eisenberg
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