Apatow's Next Protege: Charlyne Yi?

Judd Apatow has made stars out of people like Seth Rogen, Jason Siegel, and Jonah Hill. Could the next Apatow protégé be Charlyne Yi? Charlyne who??

Charlyne Yi was Jodi, the girlfriend of one of Seth Rogen’s man-child roomantes in Knocked Up. Yes she had dialogue. No she didn’t have a lot of it. She’ll almost certainly have a lot more though, when she’s in her own movie. HR says Apatow is working with her on a script. It’s currently in development, and apparently he’s only waiting for a final draft from Charlyne to get things moving.

As for what it’s about, he’s not saying. Give the guy a break, the script isn’t done. Charlyne’s IMDB page claims she’s never written anything before, but Judd is infamous for pushing the actors he works with to become writers. Apparently he’s rubbed off on one Charlyne Yi, formerly known as the girl with the bongo in Knocked Up, third partygoer from the left in Cloverfield, and that chick in the wheelchair in Semi-Pro; soon to be known as Judd Apatow’s next big thing?

Josh Tyler