Arrested Development fans have a lot to be thankful for these days (and after years of nothing but bad news, that’s reason enough to celebrate). The short-lived but still beloved show is about to return to Netflix for an anticipated fourth season. And talk about a possible AD movie continues to swirl. Maybe this windfall of AD positivity will have fans looking for a way they can financially contribute to the future of the comedic franchise?

If so, there’s a Kickstarter campaign they might be interested in. Neil Lieberman and Jeff Smith spent the limbo inbetween Arrested Development projects making a documentary about the show’s then-uncertain future. They interviewed virtually everyone associated with AD, and now have a finished doc that they’d like to distribute. But they need money to help with some of the licensing costs, so they are doing what most financially-strapped filmmakers do in today’s gimme environment. They’re turning to Kickstarter. Here’s their pitch, followed by a trailer they put together for the doc:
The overall goal of this documentary is to provide awareness of this brilliant, witty and original comedy that is like nothing else. We started by reaching out to Arrested fans on social networks, and the response was encouraging. We interviewed Arrested fans in and around Los Angeles, where we live. Then we were off to San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix (even though Lucille “would rather be dead in California, than alive in Arizona”) and Dallas. We headed Eastward to Omaha, Kansas City, Detroit, New York City, Boston (home of the first analyst-therapist), then Raleigh/Durham. We even visited “wee” London, Ontario. Finally, we went back to Los Angeles for interviews with the cast, crew and other industry players to find out the story behind the story of Arrested.”

The duo are hoping to raise $20,000 via Kickstarter. At the moment, with 26 days left to go, they are past the $18,000 mark, meaning this should be yet another successful Kickstarter campaign (though not as successful as that Veronica Mars one, which earned millions). The doc should be out in the spring, providing everything clears. Keep your eyes peeled for it, especially if you kicked in a few buck to make it happen.

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