After years of endless teasing from everyone who might be involved, it looks like the Arrested Development movie may actually have some real forward motion. Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and co-exec producer James Valley are reportedly, at last, writing an Arrested Development: The Movie script.

THR says they’re working on it in concert with a new series they’re prepping with Will Arnett and the cynical side of me, the side which has spent years tracking down fake Arrested Development rumors intentionally generated by the show’s cast, suspects that this is all just some wild ruse meant to help them promote their new show. I’d love to be wrong.

Until I’m proven wrong, let’s assume this thing is really going down and somewhere out there the first words of an Arrested Development movie are already on a page, or at least a computer screen. Hurwitz is supposed to direct the movie and if he does, it’ll be a first time feature gig for him. Odds are that the entire cast will be back. They’ve all expressed a willingness to be involved at one time or another. Word is that even Michael Cera, once rumored to be the lone hold out, is now up for it and Hurwitz has always been adamant that he won’t do anything with it unless everyone is really in. So he’s doing something with it, which must mean that everyone is in. Either that or it’s a complex Ponzi scheme.

So what’s this Arrested Development movie about? They’ve already burned down the frozen banana stand and ruined the Blue Man Group, so what’s left? As long as Ron Howard’s on board to narrate it, whatever they do is probably going to be good.

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