Can’t Hollywood leave well enough alone? Yes, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block was a highly entertaining and relatively inventive aliens-in-the-hood thriller that earned stellar reviews and a near-instantaneous cult-classic status. Cornish should be taking meetings at every major studio to find out what his next original story idea might be. Instead, he’s entertaining Attack the Block sequels, television spin offs, and American remakes. Oy.

Cornish first hinted at a potential sequel at San Diego’s Comic-Con. Then, he told IFC during the ongoing New York Comic-Con that those ideas are evolving, and they’re largely being driven by John Boyega, who played stoic gang leader Moses in Cornish’s original film.

"[He] keeps coming up with amazing ideas," Cornish said of Boyega. "He has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in 'Attack the Block' was just the [first] wave and there's another wave of bigger creatures.”

If you are going to do an Block sequel, it would make sense to have it begin minutes after the first one ends, with the exhausted street rats having to muster the strength to respond to, as Cornish says, the next wave of alien attackers. You could easily go bigger, expanding into more recognizable parts of London. And Cornish likely would be blessed with a bigger budget, given the fact that his original already has a following who no doubt would support a sequel.

I’m not sure the concept works as a TV series. The “heroes” in Cornish’s film are vulgar gang members who violently dispose of alien creatures who have invaded their neighborhood. Yet Cornish tells IFC that he has been approached about possible TV spin offs and American remakes, as studios have decided to do with recent foreign hits The Raid and Sleepless Night.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Block sequel? Could a TV series work? And if an American Block is inevitable, who do you think should direct?

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