Avatar Day is now only roughly a week away and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll get in. Or maybe you’re behind the times and you haven’t yet heard what it is. On August 21st, director James Cameron is planning an unprecedented event. Rather than simply teasing his movie with the usual assortment of internet trailers and television spots, they’re inviting everyone into IMAX theaters all over the world where a full fifteen minutes of Avatar will be shown to hungry audiences in 3D. This isn’t just some cool press event happening in New York or LA, it’ll play on that day in IMAX theaters all over the world. Prepare to have your mind blown.

But to have your mind blown you’ll need a ticket and you can’t just walk up and buy them at the box office. Here’s the score. Tickets will be available for free, online starting this Monday, August 17th. At that time, everything you’ll need to know to get them will be posted on AvatarMovie.com, Fox’s official website for the film. They’ll have ticketing information and locations for the 101 nationwide IMAX theaters Avatar Day will happen in.

Would be scalpers be warned: They’re limiting it to two tickets per person. No hoarding. Otherwise, make sure you’re online at 12:01 am Monday morning and clicking. I’ll race you to the first tickets in Dallas.

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