Avatar Special Effects To Be Done In Manhattan Beach

Money may not churn out a hit movie for you, but it can sure as hell make you more comfortable while you’re working on one. Blockbuster director James Cameron has spent the last few months trying to find a new location to work on the special effects for the two planned sequels to Avatar. The last one was mostly executed at Howard Hughes’ famed Hercules Campus, but the property has since been scheduled to undergo a litany of repairs, making its usage difficult at best and impossible at worst. Apparently, Cameron and his crew aren’t excited about turning up the music to drown out jackhammers while attempting to top the most commercially profitable film ever made. Weird.

It seems the little space problem has finally been solved though. With prerequisites of nearly one hundred thousand square feet and a locale near James Cameron’s mother’s home, one property emerged above the rest. It’s in Manhattan Beach, and it’s called the MBS Media Campus. Formerly Manhattan Beach Studios, it’s an almost six hundred thousand square foot behemoth that’s housed programs such as CSI: Miami and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Now its computers are going blue. No word on whether anything live action will also be shot there, but since the original used exotic New Zealand locations, it’s likely they’ll return to Oceania.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, speculation is rampant that Cameron will also move his Lightstorm Entertainment headquarters to the new building, but no one involved has officially confirmed that. It only seems logical, but if we only made decisions based on logic, the director probably wouldn’t have been given hundreds of millions to make an original movie about mining precious metals.

If you’re in the area and feel like starting a gawker’s line, it’s located at 1600 Rosecrans Avenue. Marvel Studios is in the same building; so, don’t start any shit or you might end up hearing from the Hulk.

Mack Rawden
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