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There is some kind of harmony between The Avengers and John Carter. For example, it's kind of funny that the opening weekend domestic box office numbers for The Avengers, $200 million+, was exactly the total thatJohn Carter ended up losing Disney due to production costs and marketing materials. But now another connection has been made between the two movies as ticket sales of one are raising the profile of the other.

According to THR, this weekend The Avengers helped John Carter go from being ranked number 28 to number 12 at the box office. While this may seem like an impossible feat, particularly given that John Carter was released far too long ago, the answer to the riddle is actually quite a strange one: drive-in movie theaters. The trade says that 150 drive-ins played double features of John Carter and The Avengers and the money taken from those screenings was enough to boost ticket sales numbers of John Carter 1,223% last weekend. It grossed a total of $1.5 million thanks to the added push from Avengers and it's total domestic haul stands at $70.8 million.

We're all familiar with those days where absolutely everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, but this past week it seems Disney is in a period where everything goes perfectly right. It will be interesting to see if these numbers are affected at all in the second weekend, given that Avengers is once again expected to clean up.

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