The Avengers Deleted Scene Reveals Dark Alternate Opening

The Avengers Blu-ray is set to hit shelves on September 25, and once again we're been treated to an early look at one of the goodies on the set, with Yahoo! debuting a deleted scene that was meant to serve as the original opening of the film. If you get a little confused when you see New York City in tatters, you're meant to be-- this was an opening that was going to start the action at the beginning, including voiceover from Agent Maria Hall asking "You wanted to know what went wrong." See what else happens in the clip below:

This opening could have done a lot to avoid the criticism of Hill's role, since she spent much of the film looking stern in the background while the real action happened elsewhere. But it's also an oddly dark opening to a movie that turned out to be pretty optimistic and energetic, promising some kind of disaster-- and even hinting that the Hulk caused it-- that winds up being a triumph in the end. You can see why it was an easy scene to abandon, and not only because it was probably very cheap-- footage of a disaster scene they had already shot, and some dialogue from Cobie Smulders inside a room.

Though this and the other deleted scene we've already seen, with Bruce Banner being asked some tough questions, are a lot to get excited about, the eventual Blu-ray release will offer a lot more; you can check out the full disc details here, and look for our review of the 4-disc combo pack set in September.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend