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The Avengers Extended Super Bowl Trailer Has A Hulk

Going on anecdotal evidence alone-- i.e., the group of people sitting in my living room right now-- The Avengers is the trailer to beat for Super Bowl ads tonight. It showcased a lot of action, a tiny character beat or two and most importantly, the best look we've gotten yet at Mark Ruffalo's take on The Hulk. That shot of him flying in the air and swatting away flying alien crafts is the most rewind-worthy thing I've seen tonight. In the extended version of the trailer posted to the Marvel Facebook, you get to see even more of it. Check it out below.

Tony Stark's line "We have a Hulk" brought down the house at New York Comic Con earlier this year, and his growing legion of fans should be thrilled to see Tom Hiddleston finally show up as Loki near the end. Without giving much of anything away about what kind of villain the Avengers will be facing, or even revealing any new action scene beyond the New York scenes we've seen a lot of already, The Avengers has still managed to ratchet up expectations even further. It's already among the most highly anticipated films of the summer, but I imagine it just made it to the top of the list for a lot more people.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend