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I’m now deathly afraid that I’ve seen too much of The Avengers, Joss Whedon’s get-the-gang-together blockbuster that kick starts the summer movie season on May 4th. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, in their effort to promote the film to the widest possible audience, have unveiled photo galleries, teaser clips, trailers… I think Mark Ruffalo even knocked on my neighbor's door and offered to tell them key plot details. So at this point I’m only briefly skimming the behind-the-scenes reel posted on MovieFone to ensure it’s not pornography before I post it. But if you want to see even more Avengers footage before you get to see the full thing in theaters a couple weeks from now, feel free to watch this new featurette to your heart’s content.

Before I clicked away I saw that they are showing us some of the making-of clips that no doubt will be included on the eventual Avengers DVD and Blu-ray. But I completely understand why the studios feel the need to do this much publicity. Not everyone knows going into Avengers that it unites Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk for an unprecedented big-screen adventure - Joe and Jane Public need to be reminded, so this clip is for them.

As for the rest of you, I know the wait is killing you, as it's killing me as well. But we’re almost there. Hold on. You can do it! See you in the theater… soon.