A.M. Awesome: Real Life Eye Of Sauron Watches Over A Cubicle

Sauron’s all-seeing eye from Lord of the Rings is of the most iconic villains of the last decade. It watches omnipresent over the blasted lands of Mordor, keeping track of the ever-mounting army inside its gates and ever searching for intruders. You can even hear Sauron’s whispery voice whenever Frodo puts the ring on and disappears into the ether.

So what better way to terrorize people than to put the eye of Sauron in the middle of an office and have it watch you and mutter to you as you try to innocently finish that TPS report. UK’s Technology Studio have done just that. Using the recently released XBox Kinect technology, they’ve created a real life eye of Sauron that will definitely keep your office workers in check.

Unfortunately for all of us, unless we’re clever enough to build one of these ourselves we won’t be populating our offices with one any time soon. This is simply something totally awesome that the tech studio did for fun, not profit. But the technology is out there so if anyone is feeling generous enough to build one and ship it to me, I’ll gladly accept it. Scope out the Eye of Mordor below and fear its awesome power.