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Just when you thought Patrick Swayze couldn’t possibly become more irrelevant, he goes and does this. In November, the Swayze returns to screen wearing a pair of tight jeans in a horrible looking, family Christmas comedy called Christmas in Wonderland. Every year we get at least one of these, a film where a couple of kids are trapped in a house, mall, airport, name your location, alone and pursued by rascally bad guys. Bad Christmas movies are where actors go to die, and in this movie the dead will include Patrick Swayze, Carmen Electra, Tim Curry, and Chris Kattan. Wait a minute, I think Chris Kattan is technically already dead. So maybe this is a good thing for him. Congratulations Chris on your recent resurrection. Unfortunately, by the time the movie is over you’ll be dead again.

The first trailer for this abortion has popped up online, and we have the dubious honor of bringing it to you. The only surprise here is that Tim Allen isn't in it. Ho ho ho! Have an awful Christmas and see this movie on November 30th: