Batman Doc Legends Of The Knight Gets Theatrical Tour Benefitting Local Charities

If you thought the only way you were going to see Batman in theaters this year was during The LEGO Movie, think again. Select audiences all over the country will have the chance to get their spirits uplifted to Batwing heights as director Brett Culp will be taking his indie documentary Legends of the Knight on a theatrical tour that will not only give Bat-fans a heartwarming look at the superhero’s real life impact, but will also benefit local charities (which will receive each screening’s proceeds). Plus, you don’t have to worry about seeing Ben Affleck in the batsuit.

Legends of the Knight, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter, takes a look at how Batman has served not just as an exciting comic and film character, but as a mode of inspiration for a large section of his fanbase. Culp and his production team traveled to 15 cities and conducted 62 interviews with everyday people whose innate heroism showed itself in a wealth of different ways, from overcoming physical disabilities to assisting those less fortunate to people encouraging others to turn their communities into something that Gothamites could only dream of. Culp also focuses on Texas native Kye Sapp, who was given a chance to save his city as Batman through the organization Wish with Wings back in 2012, over a year before Make-a-Wish turned San Francisco’s Miles Scott into Batkid.

The doc has already screened in a number of places, but this theatrical tour is the result of a partnership with, the request-based company that allows individual communities to come together to get a film into theaters in their area, both by word of mouth and through social media. As of now, Legends of the Knight has already locked down screenings in New York City, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and eight other cities, starting in February. (Find the schedule here.) With any luck, more cities will get on board and will both give the film a wider audience and also give local charities a Bat-boost.

In additional to the more personal stories, Culp also interviewed a host of people who have been involved with the character’s rise to dominance over the years, including Michael Uslan, executive producer of most of the blockbuster films, comic book writer Denny O’Neil, Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes co-author Gotham Chopra and Lenny B. Robinson, who dresses up as Batman and makes appearances at children’s hospitals.

If you can’t make it to theaters, or if your town is full of Jokers and Riddlers who won’t join in getting Tugg screenings in your area, you can pre-order Blu-rays, DVDs and digital copies of the film here for release in mid-February. Check out the trailer below while you grab your cape and cowl.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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