With so much negativity and downbeat news in the world, an outsider might think society is on its last legs, desperate to be saved. And if that outsider happens to be the Penguin, the Joker or the Riddler, he’ll have met his match in 5-year-old Tulelake, Oregon native Miles Scott, who is currently experiencing his biggest wish coming true, as San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have teamed up to turn the bay city into Gotham City, with Scott taking on the enviable role of Batman, or Batkid in this case. In case you were wondering, yes, this is the most heartwarming story you’ll read this year.

Scott’s morning started off speeding around Union Square in the Batmobile (a black Lamborghini with the appropriate decals) on the way to rescue a damsel in distress strapped to a fake bomb and tied up on a cable car track. With the help of an adult Batman impersonator, Scott rescued the woman and disarmed the faux explosive as huge crowds of onlookers roared with cheers, as you can see below.

But before anyone could take a relieved breath, the heroes had to rush off to a downtown bank to stop the Riddler from successfully robbing it.

As you can imagine, the good guys prevailed. Following that, a flash mob came out and warned Batkid that the Penguin had kidnapped – or sealnapped – Lou Seal, the mascot of the San Francisco Giants. But don’t worry, Giants fans, because Batkid once again proved himself the victor. San Francisco mayor Ed Lee will give Scott a key to the city once Batman’s rogue’s gallery has all been taken into custody. You can see the Penguin getting away below.

At just 18 months old, Scott was diagnosed with leukemia, which is thankfully currently in remission. In the past few years, Scott has already shown more bravery and acceptance than people ten times his age, and his favorite superhero reflects that. Batman also experienced a tragedy in his youth, and didn’t have any superpowers around to change his situation. Just strength and blind faith, plus an undying love of the Dark Knight.

Christopher Nolan and/or Zack Snyder, I think there’s another trilogy out there waiting to be written. Ben Affleck, eat your heart out. Miles Scott is the hero that Gotham City both needs and deserves.

Below is a mocked-up newspaper featuring all of Scott’s accomplishments, plus his identity being revealed, followed by a news story that includes an interview with the family. They definitely won’t be forgetting this day anytime soon, and neither will we.


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