While it’s certainly no Star Wars: Episode VII in terms of leasing out a city-sized rumor mill, Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman, Superman and the Gang feature has been the source for many a superhero-inspired conversation over the last few months. The character listing, casting and plotlines are all fodder for detailed debates, but one of the biggest topics revolves around the all-new Batsuit design, which has gotten repeated gushing approval of Bat-fanatic Kevin Smith. There was talk that fans would finally get to see the goods by the end of this month, but those rumors have been overtaken by other rumors that we may have to wait a couple more weeks. Holy lack of confirmation, Batman!

The news first started swirling when Forbes film blogger and BatmanOnFilm admin Mark Hughes went to Twitter a week ago to announce the Batsuit and Wonder Woman reveal would be in the coming days. Now he has changed that tune and posted the following Tweets, via HNGN, saying,

He’s offered a few more details in the meantime, saying he’s pretty sure they’ve already taken photos of the suits, and they’ll be released through magazine covers. He added that these would be from actual shoots, and not just your average Photoshopped actors (they’ll probably save that for the posters.) His updated timeline puts the reveal now around the second or third week of March, assuming Snyder actually gets the production off the ground around that time, as is the plan.

The future cowl-donning Ben Affleck has been expectedly mum about everything, though his wife Jennifer Garner called the suit "unbelievably cool," and his boy wonder Matt Damon called it "excellent." Though Snyder tore audiences (and Metropolis) in half with his Man of Steel, I have to assume he’s going for universal approval with these costumes. But he’s got one thing going for him: it has to be better than the atrocious Bat-nips and cod piece from Batman & Robin, which are not all that far back in the past, no matter how hard we try to forget them.

While you fantasize about what you want the suit to look like – personally, I’d dig it if he just wore Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman – check out the video below looking back at the different caped crusader costumes over the years.

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