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Tomorrow night, select fans around the United States will get a special chance to see an extended version of the brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that debuted online late last week. To hype those IMAX screening we now have two official Batman v Superman posters. You can see the Batman version below:

batman poster

But not to be outdone, we also have the first poster featuring Superman as well...
superman poster

Taking a street art approach to the one-sheets, the idea here is pretty clear, with each poster ripped specifically to show the opposing hero's symbol underneath each face. They are neat-looking designs, and do seem to reflect part of the movie - specifically the "False God" spray paint tag on the Superman statue featured in the film's trailer:
Weirdly enough, the Batman poster specifically also gives us one of our best looks yet at the new Batsuit - specifically the contrast between the cape/cowl and the rest of the get-up. With this lighting - and especially when compared to the debut look at the character - it looks like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be our first chance to see an actual grey version of the Dark Knight's outfit in a blockbuster film. It will be a nice change of pace.

Given the hash-tags that Zack Snyder uses in his Tweets, and the timing of this release, I also have to wonder if fans who go to the special trailer IMAX screenings tomorrow will receive prints of these posters as they exit the theater. On his Twitter, the director did promise that fans would receive a bit of swag for making the trip out to see the preview, and these one-sheets are exactly the kind of "prizes" that are given out at these kinds of events.

What do you think about these posters? Would you already be willing to hang one or both of them up on your wall at home? Hit the comments below, and stay tuned for our coverage of the extended footage tomorrow!

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