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This whole 3D craze has taken the theater-going world by storm, but what about the in-home market? While 3D TVs are available and are being heroically promoted by the biggest 3D enthusiast there is, James Cameron, it’s still going to take a long time to sell people on the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a new TV set that requires they wear glasses to watch it.

The lack of widespread acceptance for 3D TVs helped Disney decide to push back the release of Beauty and the Beast 3D until 2011 or later, according to THR. The entertainment giant already has Toy Story 3D in the hopper after converting the first two Pixar classics for last October’s theatrical re-release, which earned $30mil collectively, just enough to cover the proposed $15mil per movie conversion cost. Right now, Disney isn’t sure that a Beauty and the Beast re-release would have as much success.

To hold people over, the Mouse House has planned a 2D re-release in Blu-ray/DVD combo form of Beauty for October 5th, but with the fate of in-home 3D still in question we may be waiting a while for the added dimension.

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