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Ben Foster, Aaron Paul And Paul Dano Being Looked At For A Good Day To Die Hard?

Yesterday brought big news for the Die Hard franchise. In addition to giving the new movie a name (A Good Day To Die Hard) and a release date (February 14, 2013) plot details were revealed involving John McClane's wayward son who manages to get arrested in Moscow, Russia. What was missing from the story was any news about potential casting for the McClane scion, but apparently a lot can change in 24 hours.

Variety is reporting that 20th Century Fox is now looking into young male actors who could play the young McClane. According to the trade, four people that the studio is looking at are Ben Foster, Paul Dano, Aaron Paul and Milo Ventimiglia. According to yesterday's report, McClane travels to Russia to get his son out of jail, but accidentally uncovers a terrorist plot. The film is being directed by Max Payne's John Moore and will be based on a script by Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Casting doubt on the story is a recent Tweet by Chris Petrikin, EVP Corporate Communications for 20th Century Fox, who, after learning of the story wrote, "If only it were true..." The Variety story says that the information comes from multiple sources and that the studio wouldn't comment on their story.

I'm actually really hoping this story turns out to be true. Foster, Dano, Paul and Ventimiglia are all solid actors, but there's one key name missing that makes me smile so wide I feel my lips may tear: Shia LaBeouf. The guy already managed to hurt the Indiana Jones legacy so let's just be glad he won't hurt John McClane.

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