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Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, will open this year’s Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 4. So it’s appropriate that, on the day TIFF unveils its full schedule, Walt Disney Studios blasts across people’s radars with new images and a poster for the upcoming film. The pics were posted to the movie’s official Facebook page. We have them below, starting with the poster.

Fifth Estate Poster

The images are standard stills. Stanley Tucci and Laura Linney play James Boswell and Sarah Shaw, respectively. Shaw is a White House representative embroiled in the WikiLeaks scandal. At the moment, I know little about Boswell. I'm anxious to see a shot of Daniel Bruhl, who'll play Dornscheit-Berg in the film, and likely has a meaty role. But the rest of the images basically show important people in states of panic. Thanks, Assange!

Laura Linney

Stanley Tucci


Peter Capaldi

Condon’s film is based, in part, on Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s book about the secret-divulging Web site and its founder (Cumberbatch), exploring the power of the phrase “freedom of the press.” The film’s title refers to a moniker attributed to bloggers and online journalists who often position themselves as watchdogs to traditional media. The Fifth Estate drew headlines of its own when Assange read the screenplay and dismissed it as, basically, a house of lies. He did, however, praise Cumberbatch, who he singled out as a supporter of WikiLeaks and its mission. Of course. Yet another supporter of the amazing Cumberbatch.

This will be Condon’s first film since putting the Twilight Saga to bed with the two-part Breaking Dawn adaptation. He filled his Fifth Estate cast with heavy-hitting character actors, from Linney, Tucci and Anthony Mackie to David Thewlis and the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. The movie will make a splash when it drops in Toronto, hopefully setting its own stage for a possible awards run. If Cumberbatch is to gain any traction, he’ll have to compete against himself. He has several other movies heading to theaters in the final quarter of 2013, including August: Osage County and 12 Years a Slave (both also at TIFF). To help you prepare for Condon’s film, here is the official trailer. The movie will be in theaters in October.

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