The cast of August: Osage County was ridiculously stacked from the word "go," with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts initially signing on to play the battling mother and daughter at the heart of Tracy Letts's Pulitzer- winning play. But as the movie adaptation moves forward the cast only manages to get better and better, with Margo Martindale and Chris Cooper signing on-- but it's the actor who will be playing their son who really might put the whole thing over the top.

According to THR, Benedict Cumberbatch-- the breakout star of Sherlock and the upcoming Star Trek 2 villain, has been cast as Little Charles, the son of Charles and Mattie Fae Aiken who constantly disappoints them, especially when one of his deepest secrets is revealed while the entire family is gathered for a funeral. It's hard to explain how the entire family tree fits together in the story, but essentially, Meryl Streep's character Violet Weston is the matriarch of the extended family, and they all gather together when Violet's husband Beverly goes missing. Roberts and Juliette Lewis are set to play Streep's daughters, and Martindale is Streep's sister. Abigail Breslin is also on board to play Jean, the teenage daughter of Roberts's character.

There's still a lot of cast left to add before director John Wells (he of The Company Men and many episodes of The West Wing) gets started on production in Oklahoma in late September. You can probably count on an Oscar season release for sometime next year, but rumor has it we'll see him as Smaug in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this December, and of course as the mysterious villain in the Star Trek sequel coming May 17 next year.

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