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Bill Hader Says There Won't Be A Stefon Movie

Of all the sub-genres of film in the world, the one that arguably has the spottiest track record is movies based on Saturday Night Live characters, and Lorne MIchaels seems to have gotten a grasp on that. Classics like The Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World will forever stand the test of time because those characters didn’t break after being stretched to a feature’s length. It’s Pat: The Movie was broken before it left the first brainstorming session.

Saturday Night Live’s cast is currently in major shakeup mode, with Bill Hader definitely leaving, Seth Meyers taking over Jimmy Fallon’s late show, and now Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen reportedly leaving the show. With Hader goes all of his beloved characters, which means we’ll never again get to hear Stefon try and stifle a giggle while talking about all the hottest and wackiest New York clubs out there. Hader more or less confirmed this in a recent interview with GQ.

When asked about a Stefon movie, Hader said, “There’s no emotional through line. Sometimes people say to me, ‘I want a Stefon movie,’ and I’m like, you think you want a Stefon movie but then you’ll see the poster for it and think, ‘Wait, I don’t want this.’”

If I could just get a slow clap started in appreciation for Hader’s foresight. He described the writer’s room process as more or less him and John Mulaney topping each other’s surreal joke ideas, and while that sounds like a great way to spend time writing a short sketch, that is not a way to write a relatable movie.

But they can never take away the Stefon that we’ve known and loved over the years. If you’re unfamiliar with the character or just in need of some club advice, check out the below montage of his best moments. Him saying “Wesh” gets me every time.

Nick Venable

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