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endangered poster

Even though the new poster seen above for the upcoming survival horror Endangered is pretty bland, two things immediately stick out. One, it looks almost exactly like one of the Inglorious Basterds posters that promoted Quentin Tarantino’s film. (You can find it at the bottom of the page for a handy reference.) The second thing quite literally sticks out of the side of actor Billy Bob Thornton’s head, and it’s the entire left side of his face, which just kind of droops there, with his ear hovering above like an angel's halo made out of melted cheese. I have to assume whoever he’s pointing that gun at is staring at him with saucer-wide eyes and a sneer sharp enough to slice a hair.

We’ve also got quite a few new stills from the film, courtesy of, including the shot from which the poster image is taken. I think we can safely assume the ear wound is the work of a grizzly bear, as Thornton plays a bear hunter who has been waiting his entire life to kill him a bear. James Marsden plays a man recently released from prison who goes on a trip with his deputy brother (Thomas Jane), and his future sister-in-law (Piper Perabo) into the Alaskan wild. As you can imagine, a grizzly bear arrives and starts terrorizing our characters in no time. And then everyone’s paths cross and I’m assuming one of them makes it out alive. (Though he probably won’t just grin and bear it.)

So let’s take a look at some of what this film is all about, starting with Thornton’s most-of-a-head. I wonder if he’ll stash money there once it heals. Then you’ve got the bear causing a ruckus by growling and what not, followed by Jane and Marsden pointing guns; one is a flare gun, but still. And we end on one of the grossest chewed-up prosthetics I’ve seen in a while. Good luck not dreaming about those bubble gum gashes tonight.






Endangered was directed by David Hackl, who last gifted the world with Saw V, and was co-written by Guy Moshe (Bunraku), Rick Cleveland (House of Cards) and J.R. Reher (Killogy). You’ll be able to hunt it down in theaters and on VOD at a currently undisclosed date. I’d ask the bear, but I don’t think he’d tell me.

Here’s that Inglorious Basterds poster. Crazy, right?

inglorious basterds poster

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