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Black Hole Swallows David Fincher

Some might say David Fincher’s last movie Zodiac fell into a black hole, when you consider how little attention it got. His next movie though will actually be called Black Hole, so there’s a built in excuse for it to be ignored.

Actually, when I read in HR that Fincher was doing a movie called Black Hole, I got sort of excited and had this crazy idea that he might be remaking the old Disney science fiction movie The Black Hole, about a crew of astronauts and robots who get sucked into a space phenomenon and battle a mad genius. It takes a lot of flack, but the Disney movie is better than it gets credit for, and I’d be geeked out of my mind to see a modern take on it, especially from someone like Fincher.

Sadly, that is not to be. This isn’t a science fiction movie or anything nearly that interesting. Instead it sounds like an AIDS horror movie, or a horror movie about some sort of AIDS proxy. A group of students come in contact with a sexually transmitted disease which they call the “teen plague” or “the bug”. Unless “the bug” is actual vaginal cockroaches, it sounds kind of been there done that. Black Hole sounds so 2002. But, Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary are adapting it into a script from a graphic novel. That’s good. Fincher plus Gaiman with a dash of Avary is more than enough to get me interested, no matter how sketchy the movie's plot sounds.