After three weeks at the top of the North American box office, The Dark Knight Rises has finally been knocked out of the #1 spot-- and it took a trained super spy to do it. The Bourne Legacy made a little less than originally estimated on Friday, taking in $14 million instead of $15 million, but it's still on track for a strong $41 million opening weekend, well ahead of Universal's estimate of $35 million. Both Bourne and the Will Ferrell comedy The Campaign will beat out Batman this weekend-- The Campaign made $10.5 million on Friday, enough for a $26.8 million estimated weekend. The Dark Knight Rises, also from Warner Bros., is predicted for a $20 million take this weekend after bringing in $5.6 million Friday.

According to Deadline both The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign are doing slightly less big business than initial breathless Friday reports suggested, and both have less than stellar CinemaScores-- Bourne got a solidly average B, while The Campaign notched a B-, which suggests moviegoers weren't quite as down with the movie's mix of lowbrow humor and political satire as, say, we were. Their loss!

We'll have full box office numbers to you tomorrow, but in the meantime let us know in the comments if you like what you're seeing this weekend. And if you want to read more about the weekend's new releases, you can check out our thorough ranking of Jeremy Renner's most badass characters, or read some speculation about other movies that ought to have some Bourne-style spinoffs. And for more on The Campaign, check out our Great Debate about Will Ferrell's best co-stars.

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