Pixar's newest release Up! hit theaters yesterday earning an estimated $20 million. One report at Slashfilm estimates the movie could take in up to $67 million over the weekend for an easy number one. For those of you keeping score, that would make it the third biggest opener of the summer after Wolverine and Star Trek.

It would also put Up! in third place amongs the Pixar family debuts. Finding Nemo launched at $70.2 million and The Incredibles opened at $70.4 million. The Pixar movie to beat out is Wall-E which bowed in at $63 million last summer.

Deadline Hollywood estimates Sam Raimi's new horror flick Drag Me To Hell banked $7 million last night with less than $20 million by end of weekend. That's a step up of sorts for the Spider-man director whose last horror effort Army of Darkness (which hit theaters in 1993) only made $11.5 million its entire run.

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