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Brad Bird Reveals Unreleased Hand-Painted Poster For The Incredibles

In addition to being a fun, thrilling superhero-led adventure, Pixar's The Incredibles is a beautifully crafted film. Without disguising the fact that its a CGI animated movie, the artwork in the film harkens back to the early days of comics during the pulp era, featuring strong-jawed heroes and beautiful, leggy dames. Just in terms of aesthetics matching themes it's one of the studio's greatest works, and just from a creativity point it's a spectacle, from the design of Syndrome's island lair to the shape and construction featured in the city during the battle against the robot in the third act. And now a lost poster has been unveiled that matches the film's artistry.

Brad Bird, who directed the Oscar winning film back in 2004, took to his Twitter account this afternoon and unveiled a beautiful piece of advertising artwork that was never released. The design was hand-painted by legendary poster artist Robert McGinnis, whose work - Bird points out - you would probably recognize from titles like Breakfast at Tiffany's and various entries in the James Bond franchise. Check it out below and join me in wondering why the hell it was never released before now.

Seriously, if there is a high-res version of this poster still around and they were to sell copies I wouldn't even hesitate before buying one. It perfectly captures the spirit of the movie while also highlighting all of its greatest qualities. A beautiful piece of art for a beautiful, awesome movie. What's not to love?

Eric Eisenberg
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