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Brad Pitt's Production Company May Tell The Chilean Miner Story

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly reached out to Plan B and they're denying the story... kinda. "We have shown potential interest, but there have been no serious discussions." So stay excited but not too excited.

From the moment the 33rd miner was pulled from the ground alive, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the story of the rescued Chilean miners was adapted for a splashy Hollywood movie. The only question was who would get there first and with the best deal-- and would you believe Brad Pitt is the winner? According to The Wrap, Pitt's Plan B Entertainment is in talks to buy the film rights as the miners form a collective holding company to ensure the proceeds will be equally distributed.

Though the story of the miners was fascinating from the moment we learned they had survived the collapse, any number of details that have emerged since the rescue-- the secrecy pact they all agreed to, miner Edison Pena's successful run in the New York City Marathon-- have sweetened the deal. The real question is how to tell this story with the cooperation of the miners and keep some of the interesting details intact. No one wants to see a movie about 33 guys waiting it on underground, getting along and encouraging one another, then emerging into sunlight in the end. Are the miners going to allow Pitt's company to, er, dig up the really good stuff?

While watching The Abyss over the weekend I posited that the version of the Chilean miner story I'd like to see is one in which, like the oil drilling team in the movie, they encounter aliens or some other supernatural creatures while deep underground. Sure, it may not match the historical record-- but that secrecy pact has got to be hiding something awesome, right? Someone call James Cameron and see if he's in on this idea.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend