Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper went wider over the weekend, and while it dominated the box office with a record take, it divided critics and audience members with its political and military messages. The one factor everyone agreed on, though, was the incredible performance by leading man Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, a decorated Navy SEAL who dedicated his life to his brothers in arms. It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy who charmed Jennifer Garner in Alias, and entertained audiences in the Hangover trilogy.

American Sniper is Bradley Cooper’s third straight Best Actor nomination, following nods for his two films with director David O. Russell. But where does it rank on a list of the all-time great Bradley Cooper roles? We decided to comb over his resume and single out our choices for the 10 best, ranked from two to one.

10. Leon, The Midnight Meat Train
Yes, we’re going with a horror film in our tenth slot. Why? Because Bradley Cooper was still finding his way as a leading man after small scene-stealing parts in Wedding Crashers and a little-seen TV showcase in Kitchen Confidential, and he made a real impact here. Rarely do actors emerge from the horror genre and make a successful stab at mainstream, but Cooper’s natural charisma shines through the stylish gloom of Midnight Meat Train. Similar to Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Halloween, you could tell that you were watching an actor who was logging time but planning on bigger things. And most of those bigger things happened in the following roles.

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