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Whoever created the poster for Adam Jones really needs to learn to add some panache to their work, because the first look at Bradley Cooper in the kitchen drama is so tedious and mundane I’ve immediately been put off of the movie. You might be guessing that I’ve just verged into hyperbole with that remark, but I promise you just one look at the poster below will immediately leave you on the precipice of a slumber.

OK, maybe I’ve overreacted just a tad since anything that features Bradley Cooper’s majestic jaw-line, eyes, and – who am I kidding –entire face is worthy of at least a mini-standing ovation. But the poster for Adam Jones - which comes to us from Yahoo!- doesn’t reveal anything to us about the plot or the actor’s character. In fact, it’s just made of pure bland. White shirt, grey background, no expression, and a meaningless name title? What’s going on here?

Luckily, we’ve already been provided with an inkling of information regarding Adam Jones, which will star Bradley Cooper as the titular chef. What’s he doing in the kitchen? Well he’s only set out to try and assemble the greatest culinary crew in history so that he can create the best restaurant this, or any galaxy, has ever seen. Excited? Thought not. Especially when it’s coupled with the above, nothing poster all signs point to Adam Jones being offensively dull.

The best thing that this film seems to have going for it really, is its cast – which is admittedly quite impressive. Bradley Cooper is consistently watchable, but Adam Jones has also assembled a rather nifty ensemble of exemplary actors. Not only will Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Jamie Dornan be joining Cooper in the kitchen (hopefully with his pants on), but Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher), Matthew Rhys (The Edge Of Love), Daniel Bruhl (Captain America: Civil War), Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina), and Lily James (Cinderella) are along for the ride as well. Still not convinced? Well, how about the cheeky addition of Emma Thompson then? Thought that would finally raise a smile. Because, let’s face it, Emma Thompson makes everything worthwhile.

Following his exploits while filming American Sniper, Bradley Cooper had to shed plenty of weight in order to portray Adam Jones and please director John Wells. And the above poster, for all of its averageness, does prove that Cooper is back to his trim-self. One tiny little issue that Bradley Cooper’s weightloss couldn’t solve though was the fact that Jon Favreau’s tantalizing Chef beat Adam Jones to its original title. This led John Wells and screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Locke, Peaky Blinders) to re-title the film "Adam Jones" - which is much, much worse.

Still, despite all of these tiny problems, we’ll only really know if Adam Jones is as boring as its title and poster suggest when we get our first trailer. And with Adam Jones due out on October 2nd, we can expect it imminently.

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