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Are you a big fan of Bradley Cooper? Excited to see his new film American Sniper but need a kicker to help get you off the couch and venturing out into the winter weather to get to a theater? Well then sit back and enjoy this short little clip of Cooper's career as an actor. It may be less than two minutes long, but it's jam-packed with great footage of excellent performances from the actor, who's still remarkably early in his career.

If you are a fan of Bradley Cooper, then you're probably familiar with a fair amount of the footage in this little clip. If not, then use this as your springboard to take a look back at some of the actor's best work from over the years. The Cooper Mashup, courtesy of Fandango, did a decent job of including most of the films I've seen the actor in but also showed some footage I couldn't place. Most of the big guns were represented like Neil Burger's Limitless, Todd Phillips' The Hangover films, David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy and of course Clint Eastwood's American Sniper. If nothing else, this clip shows Cooper's versatility as an actor and reminds fans that he's already been in a stockpile of movies.

The Fandango mashup also dug a bit deeper with its inclusion of footage of Bradley Cooper in his breakout bit part as Claire Cleary's aggressive boyfriend Sack Lodge in Wedding Crashers. This was one of those times where you could see the actor (who was at that time an unknown) popping off the screen.

The clip also included footage of Cooper's performance as Avery in the highly-overlooked 2012 crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines, which co-starred Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta. This is a three part slow-burner about a motorcycle stunt rider (Gosling), who begins robbing banks to provide for his lover (Eva Mendes) and their child. The story takes a turn when an ambitious rookie police officer (Cooper) becomes involved in the biker's pursuit. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend you try to seek it out.

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Cooper's career as an actor only dates back to about a decade and a half ago, but in that short period of time he has created an exciting and diversified body of work (which we recently ranked). From comedies to dramas to thrillers to action/adventure and sci-fi, Cooper has proven he can just about do it all. He can currently be seen in the above-mentioned American Sniper, which has been crushing it at the box office over the course of its theater run. He is also slated to reprise his role of Ben in the Netflix series remake of Wet Hot American Summer, coming later this year. He is set to appear in both his third O. Russell film Joy and a yet-untitled Cameron Crowe project later this year as well.