Bradley Cooper In Talks To Play Lucifer In Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost

I said it last September and I'll say it again: you can't make a direct, mainstream film adaptation of Paradise Lost. Anybody that has ready John Milton's epic poem can understand this. From the incredible amount of money it would take to design hell as described in the book, to the battle between God and Satan to the fact that Adam and Eve would have to be completely nude for 90% of their screen time, the scope of the project is simply too grand. Yet, still Alex Proyas is going to give it a try and he may have just found his Satan.

Variety reports that Bradley Cooper has entered talks to star as Lucifer in Paradise Lost. Backed by Legendary Pictures, the film will cover the entire breadth of the book and is being seen as "action vehicle that will include aerial warfare" and may be shot in 3D. Ryan Condal wrote the current draft of the script, but the project has gone through many writers' hands, including Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Lawrence Kasdan, and Stuart Hazeldine. In a twist of fate, it was announced last month that Cooper is in talks to star in the remake of The Crow, which was originally directed by Proyas.

Don't take my negativity the wrong way: I actually think it would be incredible to see a film version of Paradise Lost. Frankly, it would have the potential make the Lord of the Rings movies look like Tommy Wiseau's The Room. I just don't think that it's possible.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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