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Brendan Fraser Gets Tangled Up In Crime In Whole Lotta Sole Trailer

Writer-director Terry George has garnered critical acclaim and Oscar nods for his part in the creation of such harrowing biopics as In the Name of the Father and Hotel Rwanda. But for his latest effort, Whole Lotta Sole, the Northern Ireland-born filmmaker is treading familiar ground but offering a drastic while comical departure from his these heralded works.

Whole Lotta Sole is an action-comedy set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that involves culture clash, a desperate dad, and a wild web of gangsters and good guys. Brendan Fraser stars as an American shopkeeper who, by happenstance, entangles into an unlikely heist that involves robbing a fish market owned by the merciless mobster Mad Dog Flynn, played by The Departed's David O'Hara.

While admittedly a bit slapdash in construction and tone, this trailer boasts a pretty intriguing ensemble. Sure, Fraser has been on a cold streak of late, but this seems a decent shot at a turnaround, as he is often at his most lovable when befuddled. Aside from its American star and the awesomely hard-assed O'Hara, Whole Lotta Sole boasts up-and-coming ingénue Yaya DaCosta (Tron Legacy), the oft stern but always sharp Colm Meaney (The Damned United), and the funny to ferocious character actor Tom Holland of In the Loop and Hanna. In short, it's a solid cast with a talented director, the only risk is the tricky genre. However, as a co-creator of the crime-centric dramedy series The District, George seems to be coming home in more than one sense. So, I'll ignore the embarrassing title and just look forward for a U.S. release to be announced.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.