Brendan Fraser To Play William Tell... In 3D

While I'm fairly certain that everybody knows about William Tell shooting an apple off of his son's head, I sometimes wonder if people are aware of the full story. Actually fairly dark, the full tale is filled with political oppression, rebellion, vengeance and murder. It's actually fairly compelling, but don't tell Brendan Fraser that. That would mean he just signed up for a project with potential and lord knows that he can't have that.

A press released issued by Arclight Films (via Coming Soon) has announced that Fraser has been cast as the lead in William Tell: 3D, a new "historical family action adventure." Scheduled to shoot this fall in Europe, the film's script was written by Scott Reynolds and will be directed by Nick Hurran (The Prisoner, Doctor Who). Anna Paquin is also in talks for an unspecified role. Said producer Todd Moyer of Fraser's casting,

"There is no other actor who is more perfectly suited to be the patriot and family man that is William Tell. Brendan was the driving force behind the movie being shot in 3D. He's a witty, charming and very likeable action hero, and he really anchors the ensemble cast."

At the very least it sounds better than the fish heist comedy that signed up for in March. He's moving up in the world! And now this:

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