If you’re not familiar with God of War, the game was a pretty big deal back in 2005. It won game of the year honors from several different sources, and people loved it for its extreme violence, sexual encounters with naked women, and oh yeah, the game play was pretty good. It’s the story of a Spartan warrior named Kratos who serves the gods of Greece by carrying out various missions for them.

There have been rumblings for quite awhile that it might be turned into a movie and now it looks like the movie version has a director. Brace yourselves, it’s Brett Ratner.

Ratner himself delivered the movie’s doom in an interview with UGO, in which he revealed that God of War is one of several projects he’s planning which he’s waiting for “green lights to come in” on. He offered no further details than that, so if you’re a God of War fan, I guess your only hope here is that the green light never comes in. Otherwise, looks like Ratner’s gotten his hands on yet another fanboy franchise to ruin.

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