The Brewster's Millions Remake Just Took A Huge Step Forward

For a novel that's been adapted into ten different films, Brewster's Millions seems to still have some life in its pages. Since 1906, audiences have had quite a few chances to see what could have been their favorite book adapted for the screen, with the most memorable one being the Richard Pryor/John Candy version from 1985. And just when we'd thought we'd heard the last gasp for any sort of modern shot at a revival, a new Brewster's Millions remake has arrived and it brought a director along for the ride!

Variety has reported that Robert Townsend, director of such classics as Hollywood Shuffle and Meteor Man, will be the latest director to tell the tale of a man who stands to inherit a large fortune... if only he can spend a small one in a limited amount of time. In the 1985 version, the stakes were to spend $30 million in 30 days, but considering how the modern market eats up $30 million, it's more than a good idea that the scenario risks $1 Billion if Monty Brewster can't spend $100 million in a week. Quick, someone put Monty in touch with Michael Bay!

As with any version of Brewster's Millions there exists a perfect opportunity to discuss social issues like wealth inequality, the 1%, and Wall Street fat cats. At the same time, the opportunity to give a normal guy $100 million to spend in a week is something that a screenwriter could really have fun with. Imagine how many people you could take to Disney World, or how many scholarships you could buy for kids in need? This is the crossroads of social relevance and humor that this project sits at, as it will more than definitely want to go in both directions if it can. Judging by Robert Townsend's resume, it's a distinct possibility that will happen. You can see for yourself below, in a clip from Hollywood Shuffle.

Of course, apologies are in order to fans of writers Michael Dilberti and Matthew Sullivan, who were previously attached to bring the project back to the silver screen for the eleventh time. This marks the third un-produced screenplay of theirs, though depending on how much you enjoyed 30 Minutes Or Less, that can be a good or bad piece thing to hear. Up and coming writer Michael William Schmidt is the scribe behind the new, new version.

It's a shame Brewster's Millions hasn't found itself on the silver screen closer to the financial meltdown of 2008, as that would have been fertile ground for some perfect satire. Though considering the state of the modern economy, it's not like there's that much of a difference between then and now that the same commentary can't be made. What'll be interesting is seeing who gets cast in the lead of Monty Brewster, but at this moment there are no rumors of who will be cast, or when the film will be shooting. For now, all we can do is hope that Brewster's Millions strikes it big in the script department – both for Robert Townsend's sake, as well as the audience's.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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